At GDC, Microsoft preps the Windows Store for a cavalcade of digital titles

Microsoft had a digital library to introduce at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco these past few days. Over the next few weeks players will be introduced to a dozen or more digital titles, all available right on their favorite devices.
The Windows Store already had a few gems in its collection, including ‘Skulls of the Shogun’ from 17BitGames, the immensely popular ‘Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures’, ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ and ‘Jetpack Joyride’ to name a few. Now Microsoft is gearing up to expand those titles with a few new larger titles.
Now the store will be introducing a new cross-platform title called ‘Galactic Reign’, the video above shows a few features of the game. The game is turn based, continuing when you and your opponent finalize your strategic moves.
Bejeweled from PopCap is still one of the most popular mobile titles on the market, while ‘Samurai vs. Zombies’ from Glu is a free quick-action title that you can check out right from the store. There is ‘Temple Run Brave’ from Disney which will of course be on a lot lists as well, much like the Windows 8 RPG title ‘The Harvest’ which offers Windows users exclusive content with two new playable characters and includes support for synchronous co-op multiplayer. You can check out the official blog post below for more information and screens on the games we mentioned.
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