Vine app now allows limited web embedding for videos

Following the viral success of ‘The Wolverine’ mini-trailer, the developers at Vine have finally started to allow users to embed Vine videos on the web.
Anyone that has read a story on the internet about a unique or interesting Vine has learned that the only option for websites has been to embed the tweet that contained the video (which wouldn’t play on the website).

Now there are a few limited options that allow websites to embed Vine videos. If a user uploads a Vine clip via an iPhone, it can embedded on the internet through standard embedding functions. Anyone that would like to embed the video can choose from either a ‘Simple’ (shown above) or ‘Postcard’ (shown below) version of the clip. The Simple version will most likely be the most popular choice as it displays at a standard resolution, where as Postcard is more like the mobile application.

Users will have to update their iPhone applications, afterwards they will be able to use the ‘share’ function in the menu. Updating your app will also allow you to share other people’s Vines on your own social-media preference.
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