A video showing the amazing power of the Unreal 4 engine features ‘Infiltrator’

The Unreal Engine from Epic Games has been one of the top graphics engine in the current generation of consoles. Now with the ‘Unreal 4 Engine’, Epic may just extend that heritage to the next-generation as well.
The Unreal Engine has brought so many great titles to life over the years, including ‘Mass Effect’, ‘Gears of War’ and the new Batman series. The video (shown above) has been reportedly shown to members of the press during the Game Developers Conference, which took place this week in San Francisco. The footage shows a title with the name ‘Infiltrator’, though it is unclear at this time if the title is just a tech-demo or a possible new release in the future.
The video was planned to release today, but as usual with something of this magnitude, it has leaked onto the internet earlier than expected. Epic Games is set to reveal a few more details about their upcoming plans later today. This evening will be the final round of panels, discssions and events at the Game Developers Conference.

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