Double Fine Productions releases a magical, animated trailer for Broken Age

One of the most interesting adventure games in production right now Double Fine’s title ‘Broken Age’. A new trailer was released showing off the creative art-design and characters that will make up the game.
The title itself was made possible by Kickstarter. What once was a $400,000 goal, quickly became a $3 million dollar gift from backers. It has been a year since ‘Broken Age’ began its journey, but now you can finally see the fruits of Double Fine’s labor. It’s the story of a young girl and a young boy, and how their lives intersect and change forever.
Since the original goal was $400,000 and they ended up with $3 million, the scope of the project had to change dramaticly. With the extra funds from Kickstarter the developers can achieve loftier goal, and make a bigger game. This of course ment that the original release window of October 2012 couldn’t be met but the game is still on track to release for Linux, PC, Mac, iOS and Android in the future.
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