YouTube wants more developers to allow users to stream-content from games

Video-games and live-streams are a perfect pairing. Watching another person play a video-game can be traced back to the first little-brothers or sisters, who were forced to wait until their older sibling lost a life on screen.
YouTube is pushing to make this habbit more commonplace, and wants to help developers add it to their upcoming games. At the GDC 2013 convention in San Francisco, YouTube talked about live-streaming and game integration. There will be new programming APIs available to developers that will make sharing video to YouTube even easier.
This isn’t revolutionary by any means, in the sense of a new technology. Activision worked with YouTube in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ for the same feature but YouTube wants it to become available to every developer that wants to use it. That is something worth noting. This isn’t just for consoles and desktops, YouTube is also talking about Android and iOS devices.
Ibrahim Ulukaya, YouTube Developer Programs Engineer, spoke at the GDC and talked about some of the API’s functions. This included basic development coding, and upcoming features like still images, intermissions and advertising.

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