Samsung Galaxy S4 hits AT&T on April 16, pre-orders start at $249

March has been a great month for smartphones, from T-Mobile launching its ‘uncarrier’ plans to HTC, Samsung and Blackberry launching new phones, it seems everyone is getting some good news.
The latest information from AT&T touches on pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4. In a consumer blog post published earlier today AT&T confirmed that customers can pre-ordering the Galaxy S4 beginning April 16 for $249.99. That price of course is for new customers, or customers who are available to sign a new two-year commitment.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed earlier this month at a press-event in New York, where the new phone was first shown to the public. You can check out the official post below, or wait a few more days and pre-order the phone.
more info: at&t

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