Google Maps now shows MTA subway times and schedules, expanding services outside of NY

If you live or work in New York and take the subway, odds are you have read a dozen or more ads regarding the MTAs promises of applications and technical wonders to make your life easier. Google is ready to start making that happen.
In a new Google blog post, the company has introduced a few new features to Google Maps. The company stated that they want to “make sure you have access to the most comprehensive, accurate and useful information when you’re on the go – and that includes public transportation”. That is why, starting with today’s update, you check out live departure times for seven lines on the New York City subway system. Outside of New York there are buses and trams in the “greater Salt Lake City area” according to Google. If you live in Washington D.C. then you check on service alerts, delays and scheduled track work. Users can also check out pick-up locations, departure times, estimated travel time, and “fare amounts for 800 cities”.
You can read the formal announcement of the service and how Google is hoping to expand the project into future cities, by reading the official below.
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