The Wolverine first full trailer is now available online

After becoming the first movie to create a Vine teaser-trailer, ‘The Wolverine’ has finally released its first trailer for highly anticipated film.
This marks the first trailer that was released for fans to enjoy. In the trailer you wil find Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as he is questioned about dealing with his own immortality. The film is of course based on the incredibly successful comic-book series originating with the ‘X-Men’. This is just one of the X-Men themed films that is set to be released in the coming years, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is also currently in pre-production. The trailer touches on some of the key locations and plot-points that will be featured in the film and of course is filled with a lot of Wolverine.
The film indicates that Wolverine won’t have his healing-ability during most of the story, allowing for a more vulnerable Wolverine to step forward. Fans of the franchise should mark down July 26, 2013 as that is the day the movie will finally premier.

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