Microsoft Confirms ‘Blue’ as it prepares for BUILD Conference 2013

We reported a few leaked screenshots of a Windows build named ‘Windows Blue’ last week, today Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft is working on a project named Blue.
These announcements coincide with the developer ‘BUILD Conference’ which was announced today and will take place from June 26, 2013 through June 28, 2013 in San Francisco. Microsoft will discuss upcoming strategies, software and planning with the developers that attend. Registration for that event will begin on April 2, 2013.
It was on the same Microsoft blog that Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, stated:
“Now, the look ahead. With a remarkable foundation of products in market and a clear view of how we will evolve the company, product leaders across Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as “Blue.” – N.B. chances of products being named thusly are slim to none. And don’t start with the “so you’re telling me there’s a chance” bit”.
All eyes will be on Microsoft during that conference which is now just a few months away. For further details on the BUILD conference and other quotes from Shaw you can read his post on the official Microsoft Blog below.
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