Battlefield 4 pre-order begins tonight, Digital Deluxe Edition detailed

EA has confirmed with us that ‘Battlefield 4’ will be available for pre-order starting at 10pm PST on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 on the digital-distribution site Origin.
Along with the news of the standard edition being available for pre-order, the ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ was also detailed. The DDE will include “access to the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta, Bonus Content, as well as the a Battlefield 4 Premium Expansion Pack” according to EA. The Digital Deluxe Edition is available exclusively on Origin according to EA.
Fans will be able to pre-order their copies of Battlefield 4 later this evening. We will have more information on the exact contents of the digital offerings when it is made available by EA. Although the promotion is not live as of yet, it will be at 10pm PST.
more info: origin

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