Welcome to the first Vine created trailer for a movie, The Wolverine cuts it short

In what we are hoping doesn’t become too popular with movies, the next installment in the Wolverine franchise has used Vine to promote the next trailer of the film. If you have a Vine account you can catch a sneak peak.
It is only six-seconds long and was shown to fans on a Vine loop via Twitter. The short film is just six-seconds of quick clips from the upcoming film. During our researching we couldn’t find another blockbuster film that has used Vine to promote their own trailer. Further milking the social-media circuit, you can see the first international movie poster on Youtube (no really, it’s just a blurry picture on Youtube). The short clip was edited first, then uploaded to Vine and then sent out via Twitter.

Of course you need to watch the “trailer” on Vine for it to work, but if you don’t feel like downloading and installing Vine just for this trailer, we understand. If you are excited for the film you should know that you still have a little while to wait. The film comes out on July 26, 2013.

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