Brooklyn Barclays Center will host MTV Video Music Awards

After an incredibly long run in Las Angeles, the MTV Video Music Awards will be coming to Brooklyn, our home town and host to the annual event. Here are the details.
MTV announced the move on Instagram, by having the famed ‘Moonman’ statue take a pictorial trip from LA to Brooklyn, finally ending at the Barclay Center right here in our borough. The VMAs are actually right around the corner, they are set to premier on August 25, 2013. This will be the very first major award show to premier, and be hosted, in Brooklyn. In previous years, the VMAs were held at the LA Staples Center. The news being teased on Instagram shouldn’t be that shocking, MTV has been the king of Instagram since it became the first brand to reach over one-million followers in late 2012. There will be more information on the line-up and activities of the VMAs as we get further into Summer.
Since famed music-star Jay-Z was one of the major players that moved the NBA team ‘Brooklyn Nets’ to Brooklyn, it should be safe to assume that he will have a special moment at the event.

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