Goolge updates Google+ for iOS and Android

There is a new update for Google+ on both iOS and Android applications. The new update offers a few new features mostly aimed at photos and images.
The new update was announced earlier this morning and will allow users to access simple photo-editing tools and apply filters to those photos. The new UI fits in with the recent Google makeover that the company has rolled out on YouTube, Google+ and other Google online applications. The filters are basic in nature and are similar to other filters that customers have grown accustomed to in other photo-sharing applications.
Android users will see a new content stream, making it easier to read articles at a glance, while checking out previews of the articles and larger pictures. The movement of the +1 button makes it much easier to share content with others in your circles. Users will also get the option to add a location to their photos, if they choose to use it, you can also allow people in your circle a chance to see your most recent location updates. Again that is optional.
If you news-stream is getting too crowded you can adjust the amount of information you are recieving from circle-members. It is also easier to search, find and follow new Google+ users while using the mobile application. The app is slowly rolling out, it will be released today on both the iTunes App store and Google Play.
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