Second trailer released for Brad Pitt’s upcoming ‘World War Z’

The zombie apocalypse isn’t ready to give up its stranglehold on Hollywood just yet. In the latest trailer for ‘World War Z’ you can catch up with Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, as he prepares for the worst.
This is the second trailer that was released for the upcoming summer blockbuster. Pitt will have to leave his family behind, safe at sea, as he tries to help find a solution from their devastating fate. Pitt’s character is involved with the United Nations, where he worked before the outbreak.
In the trailer you get an idea of how these zombies work, they are fast and coordinated, unlike traditional zombie flicks it will take more than a bat to get these guys down. The film itself is based on a very popular novel of the same name, written Max Brooks. The film also stars Mireille Enos, David Morse and Matthew Fox. The movie is expected to release on June 21, 2013.

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