Final Fantasy X HD, X-2 HD get a trailer of their own

Last weeks we reported that Square Enix will be rereleasing ‘Final Fantasy X HD’ and ‘Final Fantasy X-2 HD’ on the PS3 and PS Vita. Now those titles have their own trailer.
Square Enix released the remastered trailer earlier this morning. In the video fans will once again meet the iconic characters Tidus and Yuna, as they travel the world of Spira, all in HD. These are the latest two Final Fantasy titles to receive the HD treatment, bringing classic games in the series back to life for a new generation of gamers.
The two games will be packaged together, on one disc, for the PS3. These games will also be available on the PS Vita, though it is still unclear if they will bundled together for that platform. Both versions of the game are scheduled to release in 2013 though a specific launch date, or pricing, have been disclosed at this time.

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