Earlier this month we reported that T-Mobile was excited to share an announcement regarding their new pricing plans. The carrier unveiled the new contract-free pricing structure earlier this morning.
The price-structure goes right after the big two carries in the United States, AT&T and Verizon, who have been offering structured plans with the standard two-year agreement. Starting at $50 a month, customers can get 500MB of high-speed data, unlimited voice and unlimited texts. If you go over your limit you will be subject to fees and speed-restrictions. That being said, you can add an unlimited plan for only $20 more a month.
If you are a hotspot user, you can get 12GB of data through separate tiered pricing-plans that reach up to $110 a month. Again, the separate pricing tiers for hotspot users are only if you wish to include that service in your plan. All of this stays inline with T-Mobile’s “uncarrier” marketing push, an idea to relieve customers from their bi-annual agreements. Although the idea has been well received from consumers, neither AT&T, Verizon or Sprint have started to implement the idea.
LTE might be a problem for some users, who may have become accustomed to the speed of newer phones. The iPhone 4 didn’t have 3G or 4G speeds though, and is still widely used today. That limitation is only temporary however, T-Mobile is kicking in its LTE upgrades by the end of March 2013.
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