A leak of ‘Windows Blue’ appears online, pointing to the next version of Windows

Earlier this morning reports came flooding in, all pointing to a new build of Windows called ‘Windows Blue’. Screens, details and a few new features of the early design were posted online for the wold to see.
The software design and information regarding the build were posted on a wide-array of forums and file-sharing sites following the initial leak on the website ‘Winforum’. So far little is known about the validity of the leak, though early screens show a ‘Windows 8 Live-Tile’ system with smaller tiles and more customization being offered in how those the Live-Tiles are designed.
If you have seen a Microsoft comercial over the last few days then you probably have seen a big push on Microsoft’s ‘Snap View’ design. The feature allows a user to quickly move a window side-by-side to another application (in the commercial the user quickly aligns a calendar to the left of an Office application. In the Blue version, user can quickly have a 50-50 view of two applications. It isn’t entirely new, but it does seem to be easier to use with a cleaner UI across the board.
There is a big focus on style, customizations and consumer design choices in the new ‘Windows Blue’. The early screens that were leaked online show a common-thread for tablet and PC users and a bigger push on crafting your Live-Tile system. Many of the basic applications are controlled through one-single settings location (as opposed to having to enter each application to adjust settings) and SkyDrive seems to be involved in almost all aspects of the new operating system.
Internet Explorer 11 made the list of applications to be featured on the leak. There are no exact details on the upgrades that will come with IE 11 since it was only screens that were leaked online but more information is expected to follow this initial leak.
more info: winforum

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