Addappt app for iOS group messaging and management now available

Addappt has kept a relatively low profile since it launched an early beta-testing phase late last year. Now the application is ready for some real-world results.
Out of the invitation mode, anyone can download Addappt for free from the iTunes store. Users can form groups or circles while using the application from their contacts. You can use that as a handy organizer for your incoming messages but you can also use it to send messages to the entire group. Obviously there are a lot of business scenarios that one might want to use Addappt, but families, sports teams, clubs and friends would have benefitital uses as well.
Just a few swipes and clicks is all that is needed to send out a text or email to all the users of your group. That isn’t all, you can also send pictures using the app straight to the group that you would like to share them with. You have to have an iPhone or iPod touch to use the service, there has been no official word of Android release at this time.
more info: addappt

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