Why Click To Enlarge Facebook Photos When You Don’t Need To?

Google Chrome users; are you tired of having to physically click Facebook photos from your Newsfeed or Timeline in order to open them up to view a larger version? Is your clicker finger sore because of this? Do you find yourself needing to do finger stretches just to avoid cramping?
In all seriousness, Chrome users can now download an extension developed by ExootLab that takes away the need to physically click on a Facebook photo in order to open and enlarge it. You will save literally milliseconds of your life by downloading this extension now.
Called Magnifier for Facebook, this extension makes it so all you have to do is hover over a photo and BAM! An enlarged overlay pops up. Now granted, if you want to access comments and Likes and all that good stuff, you still need to click on the photo, but sometimes you just don’t care, right? Sometimes, you just want a quick gander at a pic and move on with your life. Now you can.
When Facebook’s new Newsfeed launches in the near future, this extension may be rendered useless. With the new Newsfeed being so photo heavy, this may very well be a built in feature for all we know. As of now, it’s difficult to know for sure (I don’t know of anyone who has the new Newsfeed yet). While you wait, however, you might as well give this a shot!
source | chrome web store

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