Guild Wars 2 to launch ‘Flame and Frost’ part three this week, new features

Guild Wars 2 fans will be introduced to the third installment of the ‘Flame and Frost’ series with new ‘Living Story’ events in Guild Wars 2.
The update, expected to launch on March 26, 2013, is the third piece in the four-part story added to ‘Guild Wars 2’. In the new addition, Flame Legion Charr and Dredge units will attack Tyria in an attempt to rid the lands of their enemies.
The fire portals that have been introduced already in Shiverpeaks, will need to be defended if Tyria residents are to survive. There will be two NPC characters that will be added to start the events. In WvW (one of my favorite game-modes) there will be a new progression system, that will also add new abilities. Culling, which was announced that it would be deactivated last week, will now be fully turned off.
A few days after the update players will get to use the GW2 leaderboards, see how they stack up against others in WvW rankings or PvP player rankings, and your total achievement points will all be listed together.
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