Racecars, lasers aeroplanes it’s a Ducktales Video game remake

At PAX East Capcom announced hat three titles from its catalogue ‘DuckTales’, ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara’ are all coming back.
The 1989 original Nintendo Entertainment System game ‘DuckTales’ will be fully remasterd for today’s platforms. The original levels and layout from the original 1989 release will serve as a “foundation” for the game and will be “expanding” in the new game according to Capcom. The publisher also stated that “all of the visuals from the 8-bit game have been beautifully re-created as hand-drawn and animated sprites, across a backdrop of luscious, re-envisioned level backgrounds”. The company added, “original Disney Character Voices talent, including some from the cartoon TV series, bring in-game characters to life with charm and wit, while the classic melodies of the original soundtrack are given a modern twist”.
There will be an all new tutorial level teaching players about the “pogo jump” and “cane swing” and a global leaderboard. DuckTales Remastered is being developed for Capcom by WayForward and is scheduled for release digitally on Xbox LIVE, PSN and Wii U.

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