Help Kickstart the Arrested Development Documentary

If Kickstarter can’t support anything with ‘Arrested Development’ in the title (with support from the original cast) than I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.
The show itself is ready to premier an entire season on Netflix, which is enough for most people to restore faith in standard society. For two fans however, that isn’t enough. Jeff & Neil have done some amazing ground work, speaking with the cast, the creators of the shows, and even the writers that made the Bluths a household name (more than the cornballer ever did) anyway. Now the duo wants to expand the work, making a respectable documentary on the fake documentary that touched our hearts and our linuses.

The team is looking for $20,000 and made more than half of that amount already, but they need your help to make the documentary even better. This is your you chance to help the family, you cold hearted-robot, you can do more for the Bluths with a few mouse-clicks than Gob ever did in his life.
more info: kickstarter

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