EA gets wet with new Battlefield 4 interactive site

The teaser trailer for EA and developer DICE’s next installment of the Battlefield series was released earlier today, now the internet can visit the website and earn some free prizes and unlock future content.
The trailer shown today (above) is called ‘Sea’ and only shows a few seconds of the cinematic trailer that will presumably be shown on March 27, 2013. The new website is interactive, and you can do things like wipe off the rain that is covering up some kind of windshield on the site.
If you do wipe off the screen, you can see a few tanks in the distance. The trailer will be released later this mont, which we are expecting to be filled with explosions, fire and gameplay. EA does state on the website, “The more fans who log in, the more we’ll reveal”. You can earn yourself a ‘Battlefield 3′ dogtag that says “I was There’ if you follow the directions below.
more info: battlefiled4

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