Apple now supports two-step verification

For a long time now Google has been the ultimate stop for two-step verification on emails, logins and passwords. Now Apple is ready to make all of your devices and logins more secure as well.
Apple ID and iCloud users can use the new two-step verification, where if you don’t know, works by using a connected phone or device as the “second step” to verify your password and login. Apple users will have to enable two-step verification on the Apple ID site, from there you confirm your mobile device number by having a code sent via text. You can even have a backup key saved somewhere secure incase your phone is lost or stolen and you need to access your data.
The service isn’t 100% available to all users yet, the Apple servers seem to be struggling a bit with the assumed millions of users that would like to use this service. There is no need to rush this, and it is best to wait until all the bugs are flushed out. That being said though, we can’t stress enough how important a two-step verification system is for your data. Whether you use Google’s or Apple’s it is up to you, but you should definitely have one system in place by now.
more info: appleid

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