LG kicks off March Madness with their new LG 100-inch Laser TV

We got a chance to check out the new 100″ Laser TV set-up earlier this morning. LG hosted a event to kick off the beginning of March Madness and the company had one of the best set-ups that you could enjoy the games on.
The new LG Laser TV, comes with a few truly astonishing capabilities. The company showed off the amazing “ultra-short-throw projector system” allowing members of the press to check out a few live games of March Madness while tucked away in the MPE Penthouse on the upper-west side of Manhattan. The projector only requires 22 inches of clearance from the wall, unlike competitors which can require a few feet to match the same clarity. The system can easily be stored on a traditional console-table in front of the TV, but it can also be mounted to the ceiling if you prefer the traditional projector set-up.
Accompanied with the projector is the new LG Laser TV, which was first shown at CES 2013 earlier this year. The screen is a 100-inch class (100-inch diagonal) that still offers full 1080p resolution. The television also comes equipped with ‘LG’s Smart TV platform’ which offers customers “virtually limitless content” according to LG. The new LG Laser TV system will be available in April at a suggested retail price of $8,999.
The event was hosted in the penthouse suite of the MPE building, which was fully lit with floor-to-ceiling windows. I say this because if you have ever watched a projector TV from a friend’s house or at a sports bar, natural light is usually a big problem for standard projector television system. The new LG Laser TV was just as perfect with the standard lighting, then it was when the shades were drawn later during the event.
“LG’s Laser TV is a new take on front-projection TV, offering a theater-like experience at home, but without sacrificing on features like LG’s Smart TV or requiring intensive set-up,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, home entertainment, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “It allows us to give consumers the picture quality, feature and design aesthetics they’ve come to expect, and in a large format and attractive price.”
There are a few other gems hidden in the device, like the laser illumination system which LG confirmed has a lifespan “up to 25,000 hours without light-source replacement”.  To give you some an idea of how innovative that design is, that is about 5x longer than a mercury-based lamp used in other projectors.  Also included inside LG’s Smart TV platform is built in Wi-Fi, which allows customers to access services like Netflix or YouTube as well as gives customers access to the LG app store.  Using the store and other on-screen navigation is even easier with the ‘Magic Remote’ which utilizes three modes of control options (gesture, point and wheel).
Inside the projector unit is an ATSC tuner, 20W stereo speaker system and every input that one would need to complete their home-theater. This includes 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB options, an optical audio output, as well as an RS-232 interface. It also has built-in “Intel Wireless Display” and “Wi-Fi Direct Miracast”.  This will makes content from any compatible external device sharable via wireless to the big screen.


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