Chameleon Launcher Now Available For Phones

If it isn’t obvious by now, I love third party launchers for my Android phone and tablet. The ability to customize my UI to where I have a unique experience is incredibly appealing, and many recent launchers (Vire Launcher, Next Launcher 3D) have offered some incredible new, never before seen, visuals.
Chameleon Launcher isn’t new; it’s been available on tablets for quite some time now. I’ve been using it on and off since it launched last year, and while I love the concept, it’s not for everyone. The purpose of Chameleon is simple; like HTC’s new Sense 5 interface, Chameleon aims to replace all your homescreen’s app icons with widgets. Your entire homescreen(s) will be made up of widgets, whether it’s Chameleon’s widgets or your system’s widgets.
It’s very cool looking and a gorgeous, minimalistic interface makes what could have been a cluttered screen very easy to read. Since the last time I tried the launcher out, the addition of an app dock makes things a bit more traditional. Your most frequently used apps can be popped in the dock to provide more of a classic homescreen feel.
Chameleon Launcher is now available for phones as well. There are two version available in the Play Store; one for $3.99 that is interchangeable between phone and tablets, and one for $2.91 that is for phones only. They are NOT interchangeable.
Check out the video below from Android Central to see what Chameleon Launcher looks like!

source | play store

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