Windows Phone 8 users get ad-free Pandora for a full year

Although the popular music-streaming service ‘Pandora’ was announced for ‘Windows Phone 8’ customers last October, it wasn’t until today that the application actually became available.
In the end both Microsoft and Pandora came through on their promise, and the free application even comes with some Windows Phone 8 specific features. Customers should be happy to know that the application will support the Windows 8 “Live Tile” feature (all three custom sizes as well) and those Live Tiles will display cover-art and current song playing on Pandora. You can also pin your favorite stations to the front cover using these Live Tiles.
Parents should be happy to know that this version of Pandora will also have a ‘Kids Corner’ option, that version will filter out explicit content if desired. The Windows 8 version will also not have any ads for the rest of 2013 (this is only for the Windows 8 version of the application, and only for the rest of 2013). If you are interested in checking out the application, you can do so by downloading the free app from the Windows 8 store below, it should be available by the end of te day.
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