Tribeca Film Festival wants your best Vine video

Vine has risen to the ranks of social-media powerhouse and events like New York’s Tribeca Film Festival have taken notice. The special event is even taking submissions from Vine users to be featured during the festivities.
If you, or someone you know, has an aspiring film career then you might want to suggest they capture the perfect six-seconds and send it in to be considered.
Vine and the team behind the Tribeca Film Festival had this to say about the budding social-media sharing service, “When the Vine app launched in January, we got excited about it immediately. The mobile app that lets anyone make six-second looping films felt fresh and challenging, and we were thrilled when some of our favorite artists started using Vine in creative ways”.
Then came the idea moment as explained by “the editors” of the Tribeca Film Festival website who wrote, “So that gave us an idea: why not challenge Vine users to create six-second films for our own mini festival just for Vines? So, starting today, we’re launching the #6SECFILMS Competition, powered by Vine”.
To submit your work you can make as many ‘Vines’ as you would like, you can submit each Vine into categories like (#GENRE, #AUTEUR, #ANIMATE, or #SERIES) but only one category per video is allowed (so no sending the same video to three genres). Then a set of “jurors” will pick their favorites. The whole list of jurors hasn’t been disclosed yet but actor Adam “The King of Vine” Goldberg and Director Penny Marshall have been named so far according to the website. Winners can receive $600 — $100 for each second of their video.
If you want to get started you should know that “Your short film must tell story with a beginning, middle, and end” according to the announcement. The staff suggests, “creating unique characters, worlds, and plots for your Vine”. The website also stated that, “embracing the Vinely qualities of looping, time manipulation, etc. will give you even more of one”. There are other helpful hints and suggestions on the official website below.
The Tribeca Film Festival hosts the even every year, the festival begins on April 17, 2013 in New York City.
more info: tribeca

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