The You Generation, a talent competition from Simon Cowell, Sony and YouTube

Another reality show, talent-competition is set to premier on YouTube. The new series will be a correlation between Simon Cowell and Youtube with biweekly episodes leading up an eventual winner.
The events start today, with ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ creator Simon Cowell who partnered with Sony and YouTube to create the series. Although the general idea of the talent-competition is the same as others like it, the new YouTube version is less focused on the theatrics of television and more on content and personalities.
Anyone can audition, hopefuls can send their footage starting at 2pm EST. The footage (and everything about you most likely) will be judged by the public all around the world.
Those aren’t the only judges, SYCO Entertainment (a venture of both Sony and Cowell) will review the entrants along with other professionals biweekly. This involves 26 countries and will last a full year, there is no word on the grand-prize at this point.
Both Simon Cowell and Sony are veterans of YouTube, witnessing its amazing power to rocket nobodies to stardom first hand. Fans of the ultra-pop ‘One Direction’ should tune in during the preimier at 3pm EST to catch a glimpse of the group.
You can start rehearsing with Skype and get ready to submit your videos below.
more info: youtube

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