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Standing out in a sea of equally qualified, similarly educated applicants has always been a challenge when searching for a new job. is a website that wants to highlight your career history and unique skill set, with a digital infograph resume.
The purpose of is to allow individuals to create digital profiles, or digital resumes. Not just a digital copy of your resume like you would have on other sites, but more of a presentation starring you. calls the service a “visually-informative snapshot of a person’s career” and the overall appeal of the digital-resumes do have quite a few advantages.
The service is free for any of the 30+ million members of the community. The service maps career accomplishments into a timeline, allowing recruiters and HR professionals to quickly scan for the most relevant information on the candidate. There is a heavy use of pictures and infographics, something that a traditional resume wasn’t able to do when the standardize model was first created.
According to the company the “average recruiter only spends 30 seconds or less on a candidate’s resume and the Career Portfolio’s concise gathering of data is a highly efficient and effective way to convey large amounts of information quickly and clearly”.
“The traditional resume is hard to decipher, at least efficiently, and is as inspiring as a brick,” said renowned HR expert Peter Weddle , CEO of WEDDLE’s, a research and publishing firm. “In today’s hypercompetitive job market, job seekers need a way to stand out, and I think that’s Career Portfolio is a big step in the right direction.”
So far over 27 million people transformed their traditional resumes, this according to the press-release sent out today from It’s a terrific idea and one that could start gaining a lot of ground as tablets, laptops and second screens can easily access information for HR departments and recruiters.
“People tend to be visual learners and Career Portfolio provides a guidance technique that leads the eye to the most relevant information about a candidate, thus creating a powerful memory and lasting impression,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of “Each job candidate has a unique story to tell and now they have a much-needed tool to bring their distinct narrative to life. Career Portfolio enhances a candidate’s resume the way a telescope focuses on a singular image, distinguishing its qualities among a universe of stars.”
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