Google lets you make your own Silent Movies with ‘Peanut Gallery’

If you are a fan of classic silent-movies, or if you are quite witty, you can start making your own films using Google’s new ‘Peanut Gallery’ web-application.
It’s a new tool for the Google Chrome browser that is actually an amazingly fun way to waste a few work hours. Users will select a silent movie from a list of available options, then the user makes their own title cards. The whole thing is automatic, you have to enable your microphone, then you yell ‘Action!’ and the film begins. The application uses what you speak to make the title card. There are a few funny mistakes with the voice-translation at times, but it’s still free and really entertaining.
These are actually some great clips, from movies like ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’, ‘Voyage to the Moon’ and ‘The Kid’ as a few examples. These movies are part of the public-domain, which is why Google (and you) are allowed to use them. Check it out below and let us know what you think of the free application in the comments.
more info: peanutgallery

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