Mobicip is striving to make mobile internet cleaner and safer for children, while allowing content

No one wants their children to be subjected to the perils that comes with searching the internet or using social-media sites. At the same time parents also don’t want to remove these tools from their children’s lives all-together.
One of the pioneers of safer, more secure internet usage in schools and in homes is Mobicip. At its core, Mobiclip is a parental control and internet safety service for mobile devices. Today the company has announced that the it has made HTTPS filtering as a part of its free and premium offering for family, school and business customers.
“Mobicip is the first parental control service to support HTTPS filtering on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini”, says Suren Ramasubbu , co-founder and CEO. “To make sure schools are in compliance with CIPA regulations and parents keep their peace of mind, it is a logical next step for us to monitor SSL traffic. With an increasing portion of the internet going encrypted, simply blocking such domains is no longer an option.”
So what’s new about Mobicip that can’t be done by just blocking domains or increasing profanity filters? Mobiclip can filter encrypted websites, while most filtering products only detect, and then block, encrypted websites. This means that Mobicip can “dynamically analyzes the content on SSL encrypted websites” allowing a school or parent to block just the video, or just the language on a site like Facebook. This will let children use Facebook, but make it much more appropriate. Both “free and premium users of Mobicip will benefit from the new feature starting immediately” stated the company earlier today.
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