Pixar artists form game studio, Steel Wool Games is born

A small gathering of Pixar artists have decided to make a game studio, better yet, the studio already has a few irons in the fire.
The new game studio is called ‘Steel Wool Games’ and the development company has made their first official announcement, that announcement is that they exist. Steel Wool Games consists of Co-Founders Sequoia Blankenship, Andrew Dayton, Jonathan Hoffman, Joshua Qualtieri and Jason Topolski. Though these are Pixar employees, it is important to point out that “Pixar Animation is in no way affiliated nor endorses Steel Wool Games” according to the official release sent out this morning.
The developers have signed with publisher extraordinaire, Ripstone to fund their little adventure. Andrew Dayton discusses the team’s artistic style in a prepared statement sent to the press earlier today stating, “We have an internal phrase that we use to describe our style: “Grimsical”. It’s our fundamental principle as a company. We create worlds that are funny and whimsical but dipped in gritty tones.”
more info: steelwoolgames

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