Reddit launches original video series ‘Explain it Like I’m Five’

The enormous social-sharing site ‘Reddit’ is getting into the web-series business. The website launched its first original series earlier today.
The series is an educational comedy that has three episodes to date. The idea of
‘Explain it Like I’m Five’ is actually from Reddit itself (the website has a subreddit forum of the same name where users get and give answers on complicated matters).
Former College Humor director Jared Neumark was hired to spearhead the project. The shows are helping support the charitable organization ‘DonorsChoose’, which allows donors to select supplies for schools. DonorsChoose is an excellent organization and a perfect fit for the series. The video is brought to you by a partnership with YouTube and Advanced Publications, though no financial details are known at this time. You can check out the first episode above and catch up on future episodes below.
more info: reddit, donorschoose

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