Pintrest launches new website design

Pintrest has been working on a new site-design for the last three-months and after all that testing and recieving user-feedback from testers, the company has launched their new design.
Users will still have their traditional ‘Pintrest Boards’ of large pictures that are easily shared with other users but the amount of ‘white-space’ in the website has been reduced. Users will see more pins on each screen, which will allow users to see more content without as much scrolling. Profile pages have this change as well, everything is more condensed and much cleaner than before.
Pintrest is home to over 48 million users and is used by almost every retail and design company to show off new merchandise and new ideas. Finding new content is much easier as well, with new ways to ‘discover’ content outside of your traditional ‘followed’ users. When users are looking at a particular image or video, a wide-array of ‘Pins’ are shown on the right hand side. This small update allows viewers to check out other content without jumping across pages or searching under new users. If you like a particular Pin, users can easily check out other Pins from that user or website.
Right now the update only changes the desktop version of the website, the iOS version and the Android version is expected to undergo changes over the upcoming weeks. If you would like to start using the new-design right away, just head to the newsfeed below and click the “Preview our new look” box in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.
more info: pintrest

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