Next Launcher 3D Dazzles The Eyes

A few weeks ago, we looked at a really cool new launcher called Vire Launcher. I mentioned there that if there’s anything that I absolutely love about Android phones, it’s the ability to customize virtually everything, even your homescreens.
Today I’m here to present an even cooler launcher called Next Launcher 3D, developed by the same team behind the massively popular GO Launcher. Next Launcher takes things in an even more visually dynamic direction, with some pretty unique 3D effects and silky smooth animation.

From Next Launcher 3D’s listing on Google Play:
* Stereoscopic Screen Preview
Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching enables you to access to, add, set home screen, and delete any screen in a second.
* Multi-select Apps
After selecting one app, use sliding gesture to multi-select the other apps. The fantastic interaction designs not only to wow people, but save efforts to fulfill batch operation.
* Customizing Home Screen
Packed with unlimited screen layout function, you may place icons, folders, or widgets randomly on your screen. Change 3D themes and wallpapers to reclaim your phone interface.
* Icons
Icons support rotation, replace, Multi-select, align and so on. Operation is easy and fantastic. Multi-select apps, long press one of the selected apps to gather them, and draw a preview path by selecting operation from app icon menu.
* Rotatable Dock
Invert the dock upward or downward to switch among home screen, preview and editing modes.
* App Drawer
Icons can be arranged by name or time. You can create folders by overlapping app icons. That batch operation to add icons on home screen is also available.
* 3D Widgets & Themes & Live Wallpapers
Popular widgets in 3D space including switch, music, clock have been released, with weather, task manager, calender, notification widgets coming soon. Numerous of 3D themes and live wallpapers are being prepared.
A word of warning though…Next Launcher 3D is not cheap. It regularly retails for $15 via Google Play, though currently they are doing a promotion for 40% off. If you’re unsure about dropping that much cash on an app, then at least give the trail version a whirl.
source | play store

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