Sony’s upcoming title ‘Rain’ reveals an invisible world

Move over ‘Unfinished Swan’ a new invisible-to-visible world is coming to Sony devices in the future. This one brings the saddened, yet mysterious world, of a small boy to life before your very eyes.
‘Rain’ has been in the works for over a year now, and as of now we know that it is coming to Japan. That doesn’t rile out other regions from getting a localized copy of the artistic-title, but over the last year Sony has been very secretive of the game and its impending release.
The premise of the title revolves around a young boy, who lives in an invisible world only seen when it rains. During rainstorms an entire invisible world is revealed, showing new characters, creatures and settings. The reason we are covering the game now is because new images of the game have been uploaded to the official Japanese website (just in time for PAX East?). The trailer shown above is from August 2012.
The new website also released the first english hints of the game, giving more credit to the idea that the game will come to NA and EU regions in the future. The screens that were shown today come with the lines, “Sometimes rain reflects loneliness” followed by, “Sometimes rain brings melancholy” and lastly, “Sometimes rain soaks through the heart”.
You can check out the images on the official site below, let us know what you think of the interesting title in the comments.
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