NYC names NYFi as ‘Reinvent Payphones’ winner, and it’s also bringing free wifi

The official winner has been declared in New York City’s ‘Reinvent Payphones’ competition. The city has chosen the interesting design of ‘NYFi’ as the next public payphones system.
There were many innovative designs submitted for the competition but the people of New York city chose their favorite, and it is truly a wonderful solution for many of the modern-dilemas facing our proud city. Not only will the new payphones act as a traditional public-telephone system but it will also bring free WiF along with it.
New York city was one of the hardest cities hit when Apple released its famous iPhone. The surge in cellular data brought AT&T and other major cellphone carries crashing down under the sudden strain. Although AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have adapted to the new traffic, free wifi could make consumers and cellphone carrier’s day even less stressful.
The phonebooths will use open software combined with a touchscreen interface that will (in theory) replace many of the sidewalk hogging boxes that New Yorkers use everyday. These boxes include (phonebooths, ticket dispensers, info-booths and other boxes) that could be combined while offering free-wifi, advertising spaces and more options all into one brightly-lit machine.
We will still have to wait to see how the final design will look like when factors like cost, weather, power and resources are all considered. You can check out the official blog page of NYFi below to see how the design was originally intended.
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