Wayside Creations releases ‘Aperture R&D’, with ‘Nuka Break’ coming to PAX East

Wayside Creations has made quite a name for itself over the past few years, the production company seems to have moved-away from the commercial business of television and has refocused their efforts on providing fans with top-rate web-series on Youtube.
The staff at Wayside really hit their stride when they created their first video-game themed parody ‘Fallout: Nuka Break’, which was based on the popular ‘Fallout’ game-series from Bethesda. That project led to the ‘Nuka Break’ web-series which in-turn led to a very successful Kickstarter for a second season. Now the team is currently working on a ‘Portal’ themed live-action series called ‘Aperture R&D’. You can check out the first episode of the series above. The series follows a lab-team from the popular ‘Aperture Science’ from Valve’s Portal series. The show will focus on Nik and Charles, who must decide “how much they’re willing to risk for the Lab Team of the Month title”.
All of this comes just days before the team’s panel at PAX East 2013 in Boston, there the crew will be showing the entire first season of ‘Nuka Break’. If you can swing by and catch the show it will be showing Saturday at 9pm at the Cat Theatre, more information on panelists directions and details can be found below.
more info: wayside

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