Machinarium Coming to PS Vita March 26 with a ton of features

The indie-hit ‘Machinarium’ is just days away from launching on the PS Vita and it will launch filled with extras from the PS3 version of the game.
Machinarium has been a hit on almost every platform that it was released on, including tablet, PC and mobile platforms. The PlayStation Network even launched a console version of title. Amanita Design has now confirmed that PS Vita owners will soon be able to play the game when it launches on the PS Vita store on March 26, 2013.
The game isn’t just a simple port however, the PS Vita of the game will come some unique game-mechanics that make use of the PS Vita’s controls. From console-quality graphics to touch-screen controls, the PS Vita might be the best mobile version of the game that has launched so far.
The developers have also confirmed full Trophy and Leaderboard support, as well as touchscreen and analog-stick controls for perfect adventure gameplay. The game will launch on the PlayStation Store March 26, 2013 for $6.99.
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