Dropbox acquires Mailbox, new features ahead

When you have a terrific application, followed by a perfectly orchestrated launch, you are going to attract the attention of large companies. That’s exactly what happened with the popular Gmail application ‘Mailbox’.
Just one month ago, the first users of ‘Mailbox’ were introduced to the smooth Gmail driven application as hundreds of thousands of users queued up in line to download it. Now it is being reported that Dropbox has taken notice of the application and will incorporate the business and expand it.
The final details haven’t been disclosed as of yet but reports are that Dropbox will bring third-party email accounts to the new UI (Mailbox only works with Gmail accounts as of its launch) and will integrate Dropbox’s cloud storage to Mailbox. The partnership is still new at this point, and we will keep you updated as this perfect union unfolds.
more info: dropbox

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