Samsung Galaxy S4 Comes Stock With SwiftKey

What better way to supplement the worldwide reveal of your new flagship phone than to announce the addition of the best third party keyboard as stock on your new device?
In a landscape littered with third party keyboard solutions, Swiftkey has risen above all the rest as a truly fantastic and seamless replacement for the stock keyboard. It’s fast, pretty, and has amazing word memory and prediction software that makes you a faster and faster typer the longer you use the program (it also makes you more accurate as well).
Following our great success with the SwiftKey 4 launch last month, we are excited to confirm that Samsung has chosen SwiftKey’s innovative keyboard technology to be at the heart of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. This is fantastic progress for our vision of bringing the best touchscreen typing experience to as many people as possible.”
If you’re not investing a GS4 and happen to have the Swiftkey app installed, then fret not; the team will continue to improve upon the app as well. From the announcement this morning:
Be in no doubt, there’s just as much innovation and momentum on the consumer side too. The SwiftKey app will continue to evolve as we seek to make interacting with your phones and tablets even easier and more personalized. We’ll push on with developing fun new features and customizations for the millions of you who reach us through app stores such as Google Play. Last, but never least, we’ll carry on building and engaging with our community of users, including our 100,000 VIPs, who give us their time, energy and invaluable feedback.
source | swiftkey

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