Nintendo confirms Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D hits 3DS this May

Following a few leaks early this week, Nintendo has confirmed that ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D’ will be released in North America on May 24, 2013.
The above image was part of a new advertising campaign that will eventually be launched for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D’. Although Nintendo did not release any new details of the game (as of this article) Nintendo did confirm with us that the new Nintendo 3DS title will release on May 24, 2013 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.
Nintendo will release further information on the game as we get closer to launch. As of now you can simply get a sneak peak at the large Gorilla above playing what we can assume is the latest in the Donkey Kong Country series. We will keep you updated with further media as it released from Nintendo.

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