Here is the new Samsung Galaxy S 4, in just five minutes

Today Samsung officially revealed the new Galaxy S 4, the latest flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. After all of the presentations, teases and trailers; you can watch a five minute video that sums up the new device starting today.
The new video goes over some of the new features, specs and eye-catching enhancements that Samsung has integrated into the new smartphone. The Galaxy S 4 comes with a larger screen and better battery and all housed within a light 130g and slim 7.9mm chassis. As Samsung states, “The new Samsung GALAXY S 4 is slimmer, yet stronger”.
The running marketing campaighn for the new devices states, “Developed to redefine the way we live, the GALAXY S 4 makes every moment of our life meaningful. It understands the value of relationships, enables true connections with friends and family, and believes in the importance of effortless experience. The GALAXY S 4 gets you closer to what matters in life, and brings your world together”. All with the catch phrase, “For a richer, simpler and fuller life”.

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