Reports point to Facebook adopting hashtags in the future

Reports are coming in that one of the updated Facebook features that may be rolling out over the next few months will be the introduction of ‘Hashtags’.
There are over one-billion users on Facebook, and odds are many of them are talking about similar popular events and people in their regions. The hashtag was introduced by rival Twitter and it adds a way for users to join conversations and search trending topics that are happening in real-time. These reports come from the Wall Street Journal, who where one of the first publications to suggest that Facebook was including the social-service in the future.
This comes after Facebook announced it’s new social search feature ‘Graph Search’ early this year. The service is an elaborate search and discover feature for a user’s network of friends, and other publicly available information made available through Facebook.
Facebook would not comment on the reports. The obvious problem with the Facebook using the current Hashtag system used on Twitter would be that most Facebook content is only available to a user’s current friends. Not being able to search outside content, or if using Hashtags will cause more Facebook information to become more public may be a limiting factor and unwelcome by traditional users.
source: reuters

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