Samsung “Floating Touch” and “Smart Pause” Caught On Video

The Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal is set for later today, but that doesn’t stop people from revealing features well ahead of launch. Ah, the glory of the internet age, eh?
We have two video here that outline a couple of new features; Smart Pause and Floating Touch. This first video below outlines Smart Pause:

With Smart Pause, the front facing camera is used to detect whenever the user is facing away from the camera, immediately pausing the video you are watching. It remains to be seen how accurate this feature is; I can already see now how annoying it could if you glance away for 0.0000000000005 seconds and the video stops. Equally annoying would be if you’re talking to someone while watching a video and it keeps pausing every 2 seconds as you glance away.
Next, we have a video of the Floating Touch feature:

Floating Touch is similar to the Galaxy Note 2’s S Pen, and also a feature already seen in the Sony Xperia Sola. With Floating Touch, the phone detects your finger at a distance and pops up additional features and info.
Of course, we don’t have much longer to wait before all this information is revealed to the masses, so hang tight, keep your eyeballs glued to The Slanted, and in the meantime, check out the videos!

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