Apple now offers iMacs with VESA adapters, for easier wall mounts or desk mounts

Without so much as whisper, Apple has added some new customizable purchase options to their 21.5″ and 27″ iMac lines. Customers who order the iMacs from the official Apple website can now choose different mounting options alongside their shiny new iMacs.
Now the two iMacs that we mentioned above will have the opportunity to ship with a VESA adapter, which you could use with your current desk mounting system, or a wall-mounting system. The new adapters are priced at an additional $40. The process to add the adapter seems a little unusual for Apple, the link on each product page will add the adapters separately and will be ‘checked-out’ individually from the iMac. Not exactly a problem, but an odd choice coming from Apple, who usually streamlines all of their online procedures.
Each VESA adapter iMac comes without a traditional stand, but you can add your own desk mount or wall mount for $140 if you do not have one currently. This option is most likely a response to consumers that complained that the thinner iMacs (which would be perfect for desk and wall mounting) did not have a stand and adapter available at launch.
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