Vybe Lets You Customize Your Vibration Settings

If you’re anything like myself, your phone is on vibrate all day as a sanity-saving measure to prevent waking up your napping toddler. I’ve learned to do without the ringtone and just have my phone on vibrate all day; better safe than sorry.
The problem is, the default vibration is the same across all apps. The vibration for texts is the same as a Facebook notification, and also the same whenever my opponent has played a turn in Words With Friends. It’s annoying to crawl out of bed thinking you received an important emergency text from someone, only to find that your buddy Mel played the word POOP.
This is where Vybe comes into play. Using Vybe, you can “record” your own vibration sequence by simply tapping the sequence out on the app, then saving it to either your default phone, text, or individual contact. As of right now, I’m not seeing any support for individual apps like Gmail or Facebook, but at least you can set a unique vibration sequence for each contact so you avoid the situation outline above.
As of now, I have my wife’s profile set to the Imperial March from Star Wars. Good thing she rarely visits our site.
source | play store

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