Samsung Galaxy S IV is reported to have 5-inch screen, eye-tracking capabilities

More reports are coming in before Samsung’s big reveal of the ‘Samsung Galaxy S 4’ just one day before the scheduled event is set to take place. Bloomberg is reporting to have a few details regarding the highly anticipated phone.
The official launch of the ‘Samsung Galaxy S 4’ will happen tomorrow in a press-event located in New York City. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the site has reported that the new flagship phone will come with a 5-inch screen and a new quad-core Qualcomm processor for United States customers. In other regions it is being reported that the phone will come with a Samsung manufactured 8-core Octa chip.
Other details include a 13-megapixel rear camera for photos, adding 5-megapixels to the current Galaxy S III version. A 1080p screen will come with the phone, which is rapidly becoming the industry-standard. One of the new details released today focuses on the ‘eye-tracking’ software that was reported by the New York Times. In that report it was stated that the eye-tracking software would automatically scroll the screen as readers continued through an article. Now it appears that the technology would be used more like a pause button at first, stopping video playback when the user is no longer actively looking at the screen. All of the mysteries will be reveled tomorrow, during the official announcement.
source: bloomberg

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