It can be one of the most difficult aspects of owning a website, being hacked has devastating effects on both a site and it’s users. Now Google is offering its advice to help the victims.
The latest addition to Google’s library of articles focuses on hacked sites. The new series is called “help for hacked sites” and the content is exactly what it sounds like, a list of steps and procedures to help site owners deal with security breaches. The article gives step-by-step instructions on how to repair your site, or where to find someone to do the work for you.
One of the reason that Google is reaching out to site owners is because Google often times warns uses when a site has malicious code, effectively shutting down the site’s traffic until the code is removed. Google also offers a service to let Google know when it should “recheck” the site to remove the warning, that service is located within Webmaster’s Tools.
The whole idea is to make a safer, more secure internet for Google users, while also protecting site owners from the dangers of being hacked themselves. It’s a very interesting read if you, or someone you know owns their own website, it should be recommended as a security precaution.
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